Open Mind Consulting is an innovative training, strategy and coaching company dedicated to meeting your organizational development needs. We help companies grow their business, cultivate their talent pipeline and develop innovative solutions to their learning and development needs. We specialize in highly refined educational methodology in order to ensure learning and skills that make significant improvement in the workplace. We partner with leaders in education throughout the world to provide tailor made open as well as customized programmes to the corporate in Mauritius. Our facilitators are highly experienced in corporate training, and highly qualified in educational theory and methodology. Through prior corporate positions, board memberships, and consulting arrangements, our faculties draw upon real-world experience to help you develop critical thinking and effective decision-making skills that you can bring back to your organization.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:
We are a Google Partner and all the Associates and Senior members of the team are Google Analytics Certified.
With products going mobile first, it’s high time you start thinking mobile first in your data monitoring strategy as well.
Use Goals and Event data from Analytics to drive higher engagement on your product and increase the conversion rate.


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